"Our Hero" custom photo plaque ~ cutout

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We create beautiful custom memorial cutouts from your digital photo! 

This beautiful custom cutout will memorialize your loved one "Our Hero".

Printed Size: ____ x _____

These unique plaques are a creative and unique way to display a lasting tribute to your loved one, friend or pet. The cutouts can be displayed on a table-top, desk, and mantel or hung on a wall. No frame needed.

Your picture is printed directly onto the plaque using dye sublimation technique on our special printer that incorporates heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric allowing photos to be professionally transferred and expedite production.

 We create a one of a kind permanent, high resolution, full color, scratch resistant print for you to treasure. Because the process is infused into the the coating our plaques and extremely durable and resist cracking, fading and peeling making helping to preserve lasting memories. 

Photo cutouts are a great way to display your favorite photos or your family member, friend or pet. 
Placed your order and email us our your photo it is that easy. We will confirm your order and we will create your custom cut out.  Please reference your order number and name in the email and once received, we'll send an email confirming we have gotten your order. You may also address any questions or concerns to the same email.

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