30 Green Leather Memorial Candle with Photo

$ 30.00

The original in-house photo personalized memorial candle program.

Memory Candles provide a bright light during a grieving families’ darkest hour. When strategically placed in a funeral setting, the candles add a personal touch that will remain in the minds of the mourners long after their grief has passed.

They say people don’t necessarily remember what you said, but they always remember how you made them feel. we guarantee that each one will earn you a lifetime of their gratitude.

  1. A memory candle should be made for every service for which the family provides a photo. Depending on the policies in place in your office, the candle need not be discussed at the arrangement conference, but simply provided for the visitation and funeral service.
  2. Display the finished candle at the visitation and funeral service. Choose an appropriate location, such as next to the register book or near the casket. Pick a place the family and those attending the service will notice.
  3. Keep track of the responses. Not every memory candle you make will lead to additional sales, but every candle will be warmly received. No one throws away a  Memory Candle!
  4. Each candle is 6 inches tall 3 1/2 wide 

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