Cremation Urn Jewelry

$ 45.00

Stainless Steel Tear of Love, Center of the Heart


The Center of the Heart pendant shows a teardrop formed at the center of a heart. This heart-felt urn pendant is able to discreetly hold a small memorial such as a pinch of ashes or soil from a favorite place. A threaded enclosure keeps precious contents secure. Exceptionally crafted with durable stainless steel.

Approximate Dimensions: 
.75" W x .75" H (not including top of bail)

Capacity: Holds just a pinch of ashes.



Free velvet presentation box
Free pendant filling kit
Free black satin cord
Wholesale Cremation Jewelry Stainless Steel Tear of Love- Center of the HeartUrn opening shown on back of tear of love Center of the Heart pendant

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