Lattice Urn

$ 23.00

The Lattice is one of Eternity Memorial  traditional urns featuring hand-engraved brass designs. The handcrafting process utilizes a sand-casting techinique that is hundreds of years old. Depending on the design, these urns may go through as many as seven different processes and are handled individually throughout; no two urns are exactly the same. The Lattice features a nickel plated finish with a colorful paint fill design.

2617L Lattice Full Size Urn with threaded lid 10.6"H x 6.3"D 200 Cubic Inches
2617K Lattice Keepsake Urn with threaded lid 2.4"H x 1.7"D Up to 5 Cubic Inches
2617H  Lattice Heart Keepsake with secure plate closure  2.9"H x 2.7"D 3 Cubic Inches 

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