Mortuary Cot Strecher, Removal Gurney,1st Call Cot

$ 925.00 $ 2,349.00

Multi level,one person operation                          1st Call COT
highest posiition 76 x22 x40.2 ''
lowest position 76 x22x24''
comes with standard black pad and standard drop over black cot cover and 2 restraints
multi level on both ends can be operated and used by one man operation when retreiving loading and unloading                                                                  
1 year warranty FDA,CE,ISO 9001 Certificate
500 lb capacity
very maneuverable in close quarters,multi level provides flexibility in removals                                      
has all the same features of the big box brands with out the High price 
length 78
width 22
max height 33.5
min height 9
weight 68
load limit 500
shipping to commerical address $179.00
non commerical address $199